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A Necessary Resolution - Parents Can Bridge the STEM Gaps(1/31/17)

Profile - Bay Person, Spin Sheet Magazine, February 2016

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Pam Ray (Pamela Ray & Associates, LLC) is a professional advocate and policy guru, a successful entrepreneur and a passionate parent. Pam spent over three decades in state and federal government relations. “Empowering others to be their own best advocate” is the theme of her career and encompassed collaborative work with constituents of elected officials and partnerships with Capitol Hill clients to advance multimillion dollar projects and programs. Her most recent initiatives, “Building STEM Bridges” and “STEM4Parents”, took form over the past five years as she re-defined her mission to focus on local and regional collaboration that links education and workforce stakeholders to promote the successful launch of our kids into the 21st century technology-based workforce. Pam is active across a wide region including Annapolis, MD, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. She lives in Arlington, VA with her sailor husband and two STEM-aware children, age 18 and 22, along with their much empowered fuzzy feline, Sadie.
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