2017 STEM4Parents
A Necessary Resolution - Parents Can Bridge the STEM Gaps  (1/31/17)

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July 2011:  Think Big
Lobbyist Pam Ray Helps Us Shine a Light on Local Solutions

August 2011: Enchanted Learning
STEM + Community Collaboration = Enchanted Learning

October 2011: It's the Economy, Stupid!
Jobs and the Future: Are We Connecting the Dots

November 2011: The Time of Our Lifes
The Link Between Education & Future Jobs May Be a Program Called STEM

Supporting Materials:
Visualize STEM Careers (YouTube)

STEM JOBS: US Dept of Commerce, July 2011

STEM Education & Job Markets 
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
STEM_Education and Job Markets Outline.pdf
STEM_Education and Job Markets Outline.pdf
STEM_Education Job Markets Flyer.pdf
STEM_Education Job Markets Flyer.pdf
"As a professional and as a parent, my vision is for our children to be educated, trained and tuned-in to the evolving job markets. Whether they pursue a college education, technical training or update skill-sets, opportunity awaits in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)." --Pam Ray