Connect Your Passion & Your Work!
Fundraising through Sailing & Boating!!   2016 Leukemia Cup Regatta with 
"Team Charlotte & Barney" aboard 
Dream Builder  
STEM through Sailing & Boating!!  Participate in STEM programs sponsored by the EYC Foundation, EYC Jr Sailing, The National Sailing Hall of Fame & Anne Arundel County Public Schools.
Never doubt the ability to connect your personal passions and your professional career.  While writing a Government Relations column on "STEM Education & Job Markets" in 2011, I discovered that STEM was being taught through Sailing in Annapolis, MD. It was a local, innovative and inspired partnership between The National Sailing Hall of Fame (NSHOF) and Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS). I seized the opportunity and connected my professional, parenting and personal passions in pursuit of answers over the STEM obsession related to job markets and the future for my own kids.  (Insert article from Inkandescent Mag....)

Five years later, I am celebrating many partnerships with non-profits, Foundations, schools, local businesses, students of all ages, deeply committed volunteers and many new friends across the tri-state region of Maryland, Virginia and DC!   I've been honored to serve as a volunteer and Chairman of the annual "Marine & Maritime Career Fair"  as well as be elected to the EYC Foundation Board of Directors and serve as Chairman since 2014.  The knowledge, awareness and resources gained on STEM, job markets, educational institutions, workforce needs, student and parent concerns is just the beginning of this journey.  (Insert articles on CF/Baltimore Sun NSHOF STEM program boat)

By following my passions I’ve gained new insights and hands-on experience, STEM and otherwise, into the critical role of strategic local/regional partnerships, the mandate for a mind-set of collaboration, willingness to change and long-term focus on the community!  (Insert SpinSheet article-Feb 2016 Bay Person)